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If you order from BLT Press (choose "buy new"), The Closing Prophecy and The Washer can be personally signed/ made out to whoever you want! After ordering, just drop me a note under "Contact" with the name you ordered under and your signing requests!

The Closing Prophecy

Paperback: $14.99       Ebooks now a low price for the first in the series!        Kindle: $0.99   Nook: $0.99


Everyone on Layna knows that another version of themselves could be living on Earth, the violent planet that has no proof of the afterlife. Weeks ago, sixteen-year-old best friends Faylin and Oz didn't think too much about that, spending idyllic days on Layna with friends at their religious private school and enjoying their secure community. But now, Oz has a secret: He's been mentally traveling between his lives on Earth and  Layna for reasons unknown to him. To complicate things, Faylin's Earth double is suspected of a crime, and anyone deemed "unstable" on either planet could pose a threat to peace on Layna--or so their government believes. As a once rose-colored future turns murky, Oz and Faylin must uncover the connections between their lives on Earth and Layna--connections that transcend space, time, and death--before it's too late.



The Washer

Paperback: $14.99                  Kindle: $7.99               Nook: $7.99

On Layna, it’s been five years since Faylin and Oz have been to their hometown of Sienna Falls, five years since they have been allowed to see their families or leave their camouflaged mountain dwelling. When rising tensions within the Ascendant tribe lead to an act of domestic terrorism, Faylin and Oz fear their days may be numbered.


But from Earth, Oz and Faylin’s doubles have a message: Something can help them, and it lies in the memory of Faylin’s father, Robert, who must conjure a repressed trauma from decades past. With the help of loved ones, Faylin and Oz struggle to uncover what lies at the end of this mystery. Will it truly give them the salvation promised, or, as Robert fears, will it lead to something designed to destroy them all?


The Voices in the Walls

Paperback: $14.99            Kindle: $7.99            Nook: $7.99

The third book of the Layna series has arrived!

Faylin, Oz, Samantha, and Finn have a second chance to live out the lives they had imagined for themselves. But when mysterious voices set off a series of bizarre events, it soon becomes clear that things have never been more out of control. Reclaiming the future means solving mysteries with those outside of Sienna Falls and even confronting the Ascendant tribe itself. With the stakes higher than ever before, all come face to face with their dreams, disappointments, and ultimately, their unexpected destinies.  

The Wheelers on Wheels

Middle Grade chapter book
Middle Grade chapter book

Belonging to a family with two sets of twins is unusual, but probably not as unusual as living in a forty-six-story house! Both are the case with ten-year-old Maxine Wheeler. When not exploring the safari room, ball pit room, and all the rest, she’s a normal kid, dealing with bullies, her wacky siblings, and growing up. Now, her parents have decided to put their forty-six-story house on wheels and take it on the road! How much crazier could Maxine’s life get?