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I chatted with my buddy for his series on interviews with creatives. Check it out, where we talk about all-things-writing! 


Creating a Writing Life (Whether They Publish Your Work or Not)



Just in time for the holidays, the third (and final?) book in the Layna series has arrived! Last we left Faylin, Oz, Samantha, and Finn, reality had shifted, to say the least. In book three, the gang finds themselves on some unexpected journeys. Where these journeys lead and how everyone reacts is surprising, even to themselves. Get ready to settle down and cozy up with this one (it's the longest book yet!) and lose yourself in the mysterious world of Layna.


To order, click here and scroll down until you see it! The book is available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook!





Middle grade chapter book, The Wheelers on Wheels, is now available to order!

It was a joy to write, and I'm excited for you to read it!


To learn all about the Wheeler family and their amazing house on wheels, go here!

First round of book events 2019 are upon us! I'll be at Cornwell's Turkeyville  Arts and Crafts show in Marshall on May 18th and the Michigan Wizard of Oz Festival in Ionia on June 22nd!

Had such a blast at the Island Art Fair in Grand Ledge, representing Writing at the Ledges with fellow members Lori Hudson and Rosalie Petrouske. From booth to booth, so many amazing creatives all around-- I'll be sure to come to this one again!


It's alive! The second book in the Layna Series, The Washer, is finally Amazon official! This was a blast to write. We get to see Faylin and Oz five years into the aftermath of book one as their reality gets even more complex. We also get a deeper look into some familiar faces as relationships and roles evolve. There's a lot of mystery & adventure in this one! Go to order books for your paperback copy. Ebooks available now, too!



Had a lot of fun at Stirling Books with my buddies from Writing at the Ledges and some nice folks I hadn't met before! Check out Stirling Books if you're ever in Albion. It's an awesome book store with great staff and coffee!