The 2070 Project

Sometimes, I get an idea for a story, and then I think, "Man, I hope no one else writes this because I really want to!"  That happened to me today, but then I immediately had another feeling:  "Actually...I would love to see what different people would do with this." 


What would you do with this premise? 


We're fifty  years into the future, and plagues, unfortunately, keep happening. You could throw some natural disasters and wars in there too if you'd like. Basically, things get worse. (I know--just what you want to think about, right?) But rich families are able to escape it all, because they have their own little space stations. So when things get too dangerous on Earth, they literally bail, and then come back when things have calmed down. 


Possible characters could be a rich teen who has to spend two months in the space station with their family and cannot even because it's so boring and you cannot go shopping in space. You could write about the middle-class dad trying to find an "off brand" station that unfortunately hovers unsafely in the airplane zone. What about people left on Earth--either because they can't afford to leave or because they chose to stay? Who are the heroes? Are there any evil players  who try to manipulate the situation  for money or power? Do the world leaders stay on Earth or try to justify bailing? I mean, you could go on and on. OR, you could completely throw these ideas out the window and have a totally different approach. 


So here is your challenge: If you are a creative person, do something with this premise. Write a short story, poem, or first chapter of a novel. Paint or draw something that this idea inspires. Make a fake ad for the space stations. Write the first few pages of a script, or pitch a script. You could write a song. Draw a cartoon or a doodle. Design the front page of a newspaper with the day's headlines. Create a character and record a fake vlog as one of them. I mean, you can literally do whatever you want. 


If you are comfortable and willing, share your creations with me, and I will upload them here so everyone can see what people did! Also, if this "original idea" of mine is not actually original (which would not surprise me), then point me to the book or movie or whatever that addressed this premise so I can see it! Either way, yes, I still want us to do this. 


Have fun!



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