Writing Wednesday: What's Up With His Mom?

Mother's Day is this weekend, so I thought it would be appropriate to have a prompt about mother figures and mothering. Whether or not your character's mother is a part of your story, the shadow of her will undoubtedly affect who your character is in some way.


So what's the deal with your character's mom? Is this relationship one of support or competition? Think of complicated mother/child relationships you've seen in other stories. What do boundaries look like? What does taking care of each other look like? Is this Beloved, Bates Motel, Mommy Dearest, or something else?


How has Mom shaped identity? Is there a lack of Mom? Are you or your character the Mom, or the mother figure? How does that role work out? This is another prompt that may be prewriting, or it may provide content for actual scenes. Have fun!


This is the last Writing Wednesday Prompt for a while! I'll still write weekly posts, but about other musings.  I know I'll be starting a series about when writing is difficult. Any other ideas? What questions or thoughts do you have about the writing process that you would like us to explore together? Let me know!

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