Writing Wednesday: Lucky You

Welcome to our second Writing Wednesday!


St. Patrick's Day is on Friday, and usually I'm not one for holiday-themed prompts, but I do think exploring the idea of "luck" can yield some rich material. What does it mean to be a "lucky person," anyway? Does it mean things just happen to work out for you, or is it more that that-- being born into a good family? Getting cancer, but NOT the fatal kind? Missing your flight on a plane that ends up crashing? When we think of what it means to be an "unlucky" person, it might not always look like one thing either. Does being unlucky mean that you're accident prone? That you've gone on horrible dates for the past five years while all your friends are getting married? Maybe it means your next door neighbor turned out to be an ax murderer. That's unlucky for sure!


For this prompt, think about how we determine who falls into that category of being "lucky" and who doesn't. In your notebook, write down "_____ was a lucky person" or  "_____ was an unlucky person." This could be a character, or you could be writing about yourself. Keep writing until readers can figure out why this character is lucky or unlucky. This prompt may help you start a scene, or it may turn into a summary that provides backdrop for a larger topic or story.


As always, if you want to share your writing or how this went for you, let us know in the comments below!

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