Introducing: Prompts for Writers!

I'm excited about this! Every week, I'll be posting a writing prompt for people who want to get their creativity flowing. It doesn't matter how often you usually write-- this is for everybody. Get a journal and decorate it to your pleasing. Keep pictures of images that spark your imagination. (Or you could do this in a Microsoft document, but is that as fun?) Tailor each prompt to you and what you want to work on. Sometimes you may alter the prompt so it can be about your own life, and other times you may want it to be about your character. Whatever. There are no rules! If you want to share some of your writing or just reflect on how it went, do so in the comments! If you'd rather keep this to yourself, that's cool too. Either way, I'll always use the tag "WritingWednesday" so you can find the prompts! Here we go!


Prompt 1: Some Space in Time

Think of a space you haven't been in for a long time, one you almost half remember. Maybe it's your best friend's house from third grade, your grandparents' backyard, or the roller skating rink that used to be all the rage. I haven't been to my Grandma Thornes's house in over 25 years, but every now and then I get flashes of the gold curtains that went across the patio door. Then I think of the room off the hall with the blue chairs that...actually... might have never existed?


Think about your space. What sticks out the most to you? What feelings come up with this space? What memories do you have? What questions do you have?

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