Whatcha doin'?

I am currently in the throws of getting my novel, The Closing Prophecy, ready for publication. I've read and re-read and caught errors missed the first five million times. I've been obsessing over the cover design and how I want the interior to look and how much it should cost and blah blah. I haven't had the energy or attention span to do much reading or support other authors. What I really need right now is a break from my own projects. So I want to hear about your projects.


What are you working on? Are you writing on a book, a collection of short stories or poems? Do you just have an idea and a barley there draft? Are you working on a screenplay or short film? Have you had an idea in your head for a decade that you haven't even put to paper yet? Tell me about it! It always invigorates me to hear what's going on in other people's imaginations, and I've found that I'm always more excited to work on my own stuff if I start talking about it with someone else.


Along those same lines, if you've got any book recommendations, leave them here, too. I want to make a list of things to check out once my own work is out there and I can have my brain back. :)


Happy Friday!


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